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1. CBAN_382 CBAN_382 Fig Tree John, Cahuilla tribal leader Unknown

2. CBAN_381 CBAN_381 The Eastside School in Banning, California during snowfall Unknown

3. CBAN_380 CBAN_380 The Coplin House Hotel during snowfall in Banning, California Unknown

4. CBAN_379 CBAN_379 The original Highland Home Hotel at Highland Springs Resort Unknown

5. CBAN_378 CBAN_378 Leonard McCulloh photographing some of the displays for the 75th Anniversary of Riverside County McCulloh, Leonard

6. CBAN_377 CBAN_377 Photographic postcard of downtown Banning, California at night Unknown

7. CBAN_376 CBAN_376 Early photograph of West Ramsey Street in Banning, California Unknown

8. CBAN_375 CBAN_375 Mounted photograph of the ""old stage station"" at the Gilman Ranch in Banning, California Unknown

9. CBAN_374 CBAN_374 Photograph of the north side of the Gilman Ranch taken from the hill behind the reservoir Unknown

10. CBAN_373 CBAN_373 The interior of the Citizens National Trust and Savings Bank at 79 S. San Gorgonio Avenue in Banning, California McCulloh, Leonard

11. CBAN_372 CBAN_372 Les Brown and his Band of Renown at the Banning Theatre during Bob Hope radio broadcast Miller, Glen. I.

12. CBAN_371 CBAN_371 Bob Hope with group of entertainers during radio broadcast at the Banning Theatre in Banning, California Miller, Glen. I.

13. CBAN_370 CBAN_370 Interior of the bar and restaurant at Snowcreek Camp in Whitewater, California Unknown

14. CBAN_369 CBAN_369 The Snowcreek Camp service station and rest stop one mile west of Whitewater, California on Highway 60, 70 and 99 Unknown

15. CBAN_368 CBAN_368 C. O. Barker Jr. in Jost Green Fields in south Banning, Calfiornia during the landing of Cal P. Rodgers on his transcontinental flight in 1911 Unknown

16. CBAN_367 CBAN_367 Children underneath Pinky, the Roller Skating Donkey, in Banning, California Unknown

17. CBAN_366 CBAN_366 Charles ""Chick"" Hoover and his roller skating donkey, Pinky, in Banning, California Unknown

18. CBAN_365 CBAN_365 Bee and Kayoua Yang Family in Banning, California Unknown

19. CBAN_363 CBAN_363 ""The Banning"" hotel, formerly the ""Bryant House"" and later called the ""San Gorgonio Inn"" in Banning, California Unknown

20. CBAN_362 CBAN_362 Water color drawing of Banning' first hotel, the ""Bryant House,"" which later became ""The Banning"" and later still, the ""San Gorgonio Inn"" Unknown
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results 1-20 of 380 item(s)  page 1 of 19 : ( <<  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  >> ) :: previous : next
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